Better Quality, Better Taste

We were British Columbia’s first organic chicken farm. In fact, we’ve been raising our organic, free-range chickens for more than 25 years. Why? Because we believe that birds raised in a healthy, happy environment lead to higher quality, better tasting products for you and your family.

Our Story

Did you know Thomas Reid Farms was British Columbia’s first, original organic chicken farm? We set many of the standards and best practices that are still in place today.

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Our Chickens

Located in BC’s Fraser Valley, Thomas Reid Farms’ free range chickens are certified organic, non-GMO and raised without antibiotics. You get better tasting, higher quality products.

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Organic, free range, non-GMO. No antibiotics, no hormones. Better for you, better for our birds, better for the environment. It’s what we believe in. Wondering where you can find Thomas Reid products? Check out our store locator.

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